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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpalepale1 /peɪl/ ●●○ W3 adjective  1 MICOLOUR/COLORhaving a skin colour that is very white, or whiter than it usually is He looked very pale and drawn.turn/go pale He suddenly went pale. Sharon went deathly pale and looked as if she might faint. an elderly pale-faced woman2 CCCOLOUR/COLORa pale colour has more white in it than usual opp deep syn light pale blue curtainssee thesaurus at colour3 BRIGHTpale light is not bright the pale gray dawn4 pale imitation (of something)THESAURUSpale a pale colour is very lightHe has very pale blue eyes.a flower with pale green leaveslight a light colour is not darkHis T-shirt was light green.a light blue sweaterpastel pastel colours have a lot of white in themThe girls wore pastel pink sundresses.faded light in colour because of being washed many times or affected by the sunThe curtains were old and faded.a pair of faded jeans
Examples from the Corpus
paleThe sunlight through the thick clouds was pale and cool that morning.He was pale and natty as ever.You look kind of pale. Are you feeling okay?The old man's pale blue eyes moved from the dartboard to the bar and then back again.His pale blue eyes were fixed on Sendei's own.pale blue eyesBecause of its name and that pale blue the school enjoyed a peculiar indefinable distinction.The room, painted a white so fresh that it seemed pale blue, was cool and soothing.a pale complexionHe knelt inside a globe of pale fire, his face lifted to the chains, his eyes closed.I couldn't get to sleep until I saw the first pale light of dawn.the pale light of early morningThe banks of the river are bathed in pale moonlight.And her skin pale pale pale, like that one.Her dress is pale pink, with a small flowery pattern.Great pale splotches appeared on the once-shining parquet floor where water had leaked in and stood in puddles.There were dark rings under her eyes and her skin was paler than usual.deathly paleHe stared back at the ancient church, his eyes wide and face deathly pale.He was deathly pale and obviously still in the first shock of grief but it had taken him differently.She was lying not far from her fiancé, eyes closed, deathly pale but apparently hardly injured.She was deathly pale, her face almost swollen as if she had spent her life in tears.May become deathly pale if the room is overheated; kick off the bed covers if they are able to.Her daughter-in-law was deathly pale, looking as if she would faint.He went as thin as a rake, and deathly pale then for a couple of weeks.