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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrosyros‧y /ˈrəʊzi $ ˈroʊ-/ adjective (comparative rosier, superlative rosiest)  1 HOPEseeming to offer hope of success or happiness a company that sees a rosy future for itself Letters to relatives in Europe painted a rosy picture of life in the United States.2 CCpink the kids' rosy cheeks
Examples from the Corpus
rosyThere will be dot.com casualties and job layoffs, and tech stocks will look less rosy.Thanks to Douglas, her future was rosy.Things were looking less rosy all of a sudden.She looked like a virgin who cleaned her teeth after every meal and delighted to take great bites from rosy apples.rosy cheeksa rosy financial reportIn fact, from then on the rest of the evening seemed to be bathed in a glorious, rosy light.The rosy outlook for equity prices over the near-term meshes with my bullish forecast for 30-year Treasury bonds.And that figure paints a misleadingly rosy picture.Private economists counter that the rosy statistics hide serious problems.The smells were wrong, and the thin rosy sunlight, and how the men seemed wrapped inside them-selves.rosy cheeksBilly Brown had rosy cheeks, blue eyes and smiled all the time.Carefully paint eyes, a nose, a mouth and rosy cheeks on to the pixie's face.Her own rosy cheeks were so countrified.