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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsepiase‧pi‧a /ˈsiːpiə/ noun [uncountable]  1 CCa dark reddish-brown colour2 sepia photograph/print3 AVDa dark reddish-brown ink used for drawing
Examples from the Corpus
sepiaProminent among the pictures is an 1854 sepia photograph of Jonathan Pickering, the bewhiskered company founder.My aunts seemed very far away, faded, sepia photographs stuck in some childhood album.The photograph has faded, as fifties color photos do, to a kind of sepia.Like a subject of one of Edward S. Curtis's sepia photographs, her face is wrinkled but beautiful.Sadly, it is far from clear where, if anywhere, industrial workforces fit in Mr Major's sepia notions of community.The patient's general state as well as her history of prolapse suggested that sepia be given.Under the same date, neatly inscribed in copperplate writing with sepia ink, was the name Sarah Byrne.