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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshadeshade1 /ʃeɪd/ ●●○ noun  1 out of sunlight [uncountable]DARK slight darkness or shelter from the direct light of the sun made by something blocking it a plant that needs a lot of shadein the shade (of something) She was sitting in the shade of a large oak tree. The temperature was over 90 degrees in the shade.2 for blocking light [countable] a) Dsomething you use to reduce or block light The shade on the lamp was slightly crooked. lampshade b) American EnglishDHH a covering that can be pulled down over a window syn blind3 shades4 in a picture [uncountable]AVPTCP the dark places in a picture strong contrasts of light and shade5 colour [countable]CCCOLOUR/COLOR a particular type of red, green, blue etcshade of a bright shade of pinksee thesaurus at colour6 shade of meaning/opinion/feeling etc7 a shade8 shades of somebody/something9 put somebody/something in the shade10 have it made in the shade
Examples from the Corpus
shadeLincoln had actually become a shade unsure of Grant but continued to be impressed by his quiet, unremitting resolve.All shades of political opinion on the committee worked well together elucidating the policies of the industries.Bamboo shades and screens contribute a pleasing serenity to quiet spaces.Valerie's eyes are a beautiful shade of blue.In the fall, the woods are full of countless shades of brown, yellow and orange.On the mantelpiece there was a small lamp with a crimson shade and I switched it on.a plant that likes shadeIt grows well in partial shade and reaches a height of about four feet.The room was decorated in pastel shades.When buying make-up, choose the right shade to match your skin.Reduce prominent lids with a matte, sludgy shade of eyeshadow over the entire lid, blended away up to the brow.In ditches and damp springs, you may sometimes notice that the water is discoloured to a strong shade of orange.a cardboard sun shade for the car windowWindow shades were drawn against the afternoon sun and the light in the house had an amber cast.in the shade (of something)Farther along, a young black haired woman in a pink blouse nursed a baby in the shade.It was surprisingly cool in the shade.For patron-saint days in the country the table was usually prepared out of doors, in the shade of a large tree.So give the kids cash for a pizza delivery, and let the grown-ups enjoy a relaxing meal in the shade.Ferric parked in the shade and went inside.Only as the car approached them did Ludens think he glimpsed a figure standing in the shade under a tree.She was standing in the shade beside his shotgun.A quiet street and the beard stood in the shade of an apartment block doorway.shade ofa delicate shade of pink