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silversilver2 ●●● W3 adjective  1 HCMmade of silver a silver teapot a silver coin a solid silver brooch2 CChaving the colour of silver an old man with silver hair3 on a silver platter4 silver bullet be born with a silver spoon in your mouth at born1(8), → every cloud has a silver lining at cloud1(6)
Examples from the Corpus
silverThink cyber in black, white, silver and crayon colors.a silver Mercedesa silver pitcherHe noticed she needed two hands to lift the silver pot.There are Standard, First and Premier fares, the latter including silver service at seat dining to make the day complete.He was not now in a tight black jacket, with silver trimmings on black trousers.Clare could see more rusty chain around the slender, peeling, silver trunk of a nearby birch tree.solid silverIt was used to produce a cheaper form of tableware than solid silver.But it was solid silver - and the inscription must have cost a bit as well.Four coins from his mint there are extant; two of them are solid silver, and two are plated.I can't really imagine it shedding that solid silver butcher's hook, but who knows?A miniature oak four-poster bed is £30 and a solid silver canteen of cutlery is £44.The black brows knit, and solid silver laurels bobbed.Lucker feels a tug, and reels in a beautiful sea trout, a bullet of solid silver muscle.Solid value in solid silver will pay dividends, but will it show you a profit?