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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnow-whiteˌsnow-ˈwhite adjective  CCpure white
Examples from the Corpus
snow-whiteThe impact was so severe it left a small, black crater in the snow-white cornfield in rural Ida.There were two snow-white cotton ditty bags inside with their tie strings done in dainty bows.I had hardly remembered the most obvious and striking spectacle of the myriad snow-white flowers now staring me in the face.Bold clumps of fresh green arrow-shaped foliage and symmetrical spires of snow-white flowers.Her shoeless feet contrast with her perfectly kept snow-white hair and color-coordinated blouse and shorts.The little tern's numbers have been threatened since Victorian times when it was hunted for its snow-white plumage.Henry brushed and spat into the basin, noticing the blood darken the snow-white saliva.A plastic Santa was sledging across the snow-white surface of a cake.