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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtinttint1 /tɪnt/ noun [countable]  1 CCa small amount of a particular colour syn shade, hue paper with a yellowish tintsee thesaurus at colour2 CCan artificial colour that is used to slightly change the colour of your hair red tints in her hair
Examples from the Corpus
tintBut by this time the entire issue had acquired too strong a tint of partisan politics, and no action was taken.It was October, and the leaves had begun to take on their warm autumn tints.The glass had a bluish tint to it, like ice.Upon those sturdy, well-defined bones the clear, even tint seemed translucent.Petal colors include every tint between white and pink.The varietal typically has a slight pinkish-gray tint.All his really popular works belong to the former category, with its strongly Impressionist tint.The sun shining on her head gave her hair an attractive red tint.Colouration: Golden upper surface occasionally with red tints, pale yellow lower surface.For those who have used soft chalk pastels and know their way around the tints I would advise loose pastels.