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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvermilionver‧mil‧ion, vermillion /vəˈmɪljən $ vər-/ noun [uncountable]  CCa very bright red colourvermilion adjective
Examples from the Corpus
vermilionBill yellow tipped red, legs short, black: vermilion orbital ring round eye.There were squares, oblongs, and triangles of crimson, vermilion, chartreuse, ocher, magenta, and canary.It was a fine warm evening, vermilion streaks of sunset even reaching this eastern skyline.Her vermilion Mohican projected from her shaved dome.She could tell from the small lumps of matter floating on its vermilion surface.The man's cheeks were tattooed with little vermilion chalices brimming with gore.Those rugged plasteel islands of black and purple flew Lord Sagramoso's vermilion volcano banner, and bore dire bulky weapons.School monitors are distinguished in many ways, the most obvious being the vermilion gown; they may also grow a moustache.