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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfaxfax1 /fΓ¦ks/ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [countable]TCBBO a letter or message that is sent in electronic form down a telephone line and then printed using a special machine πŸ”Š Did you get my fax?2 [countable] (also fax machine)TCBBO a machine used for sending and receiving faxes πŸ”Š What’s your fax number?3 [uncountable]TCBBO the system of sending letters and messages using a fax machineby fax πŸ”Š You can book tickets by fax or online.
Examples from the Corpus
faxβ€’ You can now send the captured file as a fax.β€’ Maybe it was just a cheap trick to get voyeuristic journalists to read a fax that would otherwise have been tossed.β€’ The company may be reached by fax.β€’ It is also the interface to Novell NetWare, fax and telex.β€’ But for every other fax installed in the world, your fax machine increases in value.β€’ Even in those days, the architects never had to consider the word processor, the microcomputer, the fax machine.β€’ The fax side as many features; you can store your signature and incorporate it in faxes, for example.β€’ And you can cut down on waste by viewing your faxes on-screen first, and skipping over junk faxes and cover sheets.by faxβ€’ Send this letter by fax , Judy.