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monitormonitor2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 TCRAMTscreen a television or part of a computer with a screen, on which you can see pictures or informationtelevision/TV/computer monitor She was staring at her computer monitor.on a monitor We could watch what was happening on the TV monitor.2 MHTCpiece of equipment for measuring a piece of equipment that measures and shows the level, speed, temperature etc of something a heart monitor The noise monitor recorded 98 decibels.3 somebody who watches an activity someone whose job is to watch an activity or a situation to see how it changes or develops, or to make sure that it is fair and legal UN monitors will remain in the country to supervise the elections.peace/human rights etc monitors The UN is sending peace monitors to the area.4 SESchild a child who has been chosen to help a teacher in some way in class5 TCBPGOsomebody who listens to radio someone whose job is to listen to news or messages on a radio and report on them
Examples from the Corpus
monitorYou spend hours staring at a monitor, so it should be a good one.I have a monitor which requires separate inputs for vertical hold, horizontal hold and signal.The other is $ 2,799 without a monitor.a monitor that shows the baby's heartbeata color monitorThe gauges and sonar screen are spread across the bottom third of the computer monitor.Ice monitors have been out drilling and measuring, and already the flat sea ice is strong enough to walk on.milk monitorsA security man was watching a row of monitors.They put monitors on me, and injections in my arms.At the same time, a canopy of strings induce sympathetic vibrations in resonant aluminum panels suspended between the monitors.The monitor has four lamps which indicate levels of energy leakage, and an alarm sounds if hazardous levels are found.television/TV/computer monitorAll of which meant that Sanchez watched the subsequent drama unfold from a television monitor.He watched the daily proceedings on a television monitor installed in his hospital room.Ultimate Challenge Golf is easy to install, but requires a computer monitor capable of rendering 64,000 colors.Following an invisible beam a miniature submarine hones in on the device, until it comes up on Simmo's television monitor.A glance at the television monitor showed that the Chancellor was on his feet, replying to the brief debate.The gauges and sonar screen are spread across the bottom third of the computer monitor.Screensafe comes with two earth conductors one to be attached to the computer monitor, the other to the keyboard.