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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewsreelnews‧reel /ˈnjuːzriːl $ ˈnuːz-/ noun [countable]  AMFTCa short film of news that was shown in cinemas in the past
Examples from the Corpus
newsreelA film, newsreel and illustrations of the tunnels in use bring the atmosphere of Hellfire Corner to life.It seemed, to me, like newsreel footage from abroad.It produced 100 million francs and plenty of newsreel showing sacks of letters being unloaded in Colombey.The image of his sister, playing like an old newsreel, seemed to suspend one memory with another.The memory was like an old newsreel.We see newsreel footage of cavalry, blazing buildings, war planes - from revolutions, civil war, world war.The ending is a cinematic cop-out using newsreel photo-montage and a walk-on by Nelson Mandela.