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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoptical fibreˌoptical ˈfibre British English, optical fiber American English noun [countable, uncountable]  TCTDa long thin thread of glass or plastic along which information can be sent through a phone or computer system, using light
Examples from the Corpus
optical fibreNext came an all-optical experiment using an optical fibre as nonlinear medium { 32 }, demonstrating 12 and chaos.An optical fibre uses total internal reflection to carry a light beam over long distance and around corners.IskraTEL specialists are currently laying optical fibre cables to connect the city's exchanges.The characteristics of optical fibre change with temperature, sufficiently to change the required magnetic field period.You will also need a length of optical fibre.It also explains why it is virtually certain that Britain's main trunk lines will rely on optical fibre.It is interesting to examine the optical fibre before using it in the communications system.The obstacle to optical fibre communication is lift loss due to impurities in the glass.