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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverhead projectorˌoverhead proˈjector noun [countable]  TC (abbreviation OHP) a piece of electrical equipment used when giving a talk, which shows words or pictures on a wall or large screen so that many people can see them
Examples from the Corpus
overhead projectorThe Library turned out to be a small lecture room with about twenty hard chairs facing an overhead projector and screen.Accompanying illustrations are, even with the help of an overhead projector, difficult to make clear.Use of an overhead projector is advised.If you know your speaker wants an overhead projector, make sure they've got one that works.Manion turned off the overhead projector and took a few minutes to answer questions from the students.Manion turned on the overhead projector and put a new graphic on it.Manion walked back to the table next to the overhead projector.The room was silent as Manion returned to the overhead projector and switched it off.