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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwalkie-talkiewalk‧ie-talk‧ie /ˌwɔːki ˈtɔːki $ ˌwɒːki ˈtɒːki/ noun [countable]  TCone of a pair of radios that you can carry with you, and use to speak to the person who has the other radio
Examples from the Corpus
walkie-talkieThe new Motorola TalkAbout 200 walkie-talkie is especially designed for you and your family.She then spoke into a walkie-talkie and they walked back into the building.The lieutenant was screaming into his walkie-talkie for advice.Des lounges against it and switches on his walkie-talkie.A Mirage security guard uses his walkie-talkie to cal for reinforcements, and directs people who want autographs into a line.Flung on the floor near by was an official-looking walkie-talkie.Although their noses were inches apart they talked on walkie-talkies.We tried frantically to reach him with our walkie-talkies, but he was somewhere enroute from the island of Gozo.