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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboardroomboard‧room /ˈbɔːdruːm, -rʊm $ ˈbɔːrd-/ noun [countable]  BBCa room where the directors of a company have meetings
Examples from the Corpus
boardroomAfter a boardroom tussle at Paramount, its studio chief, Frank Mancuso, quit.These activities enrich the course programme by informing undergraduate courses with the latest principles and practices emerging from international boardrooms and marketplaces.And with that, a nineteen-year journey from a Wall Street mailroom to a Wall Street boardroom ended.But women earn only about three-fourths of the incomes earned by men, who still dominate the boardrooms and political power centers.They will be doubtful if the little Englander view prevails both here and in the boardrooms of the generating companies.Now, I try to make it a point to get out in the boardroom to recognize something or some one.She asked if he had left the boardroom before or after the altercation with his wife at the party.Manion and the rest of the management team were still gathering up their materials when Katherine reentered the boardroom.