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cooperativecooperative2 (also co-operative British English) noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š BBCa business or organization owned equally by all the people working there syn co-op πŸ”Š a women-only housing co-operative πŸ”Š a workers’ co-operative
Examples from the Corpus
cooperativeβ€’ As a cooperative we were very poor.β€’ I also visited a cooperative of peasant farmers who grow sesame seed.β€’ His buying cooperative dropped Shaw after the company announced it would get into the retail market.β€’ a potato farm cooperative in Pennsylvaniaβ€’ The agro-industry maquila cooperative project was one attempt to provide rural industrial work for women.β€’ A pilot cooperative is working on fulfilling the preconditions for certification, such as the development of a management plan.β€’ But it reopened after a state judge ruled this month that the cooperative could do business under the tenets of Proposition 215.