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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdivisionaldi‧vi‧sion‧al /dəˈvɪʒənəl/ adjective [only before noun]  BBCPMArelating to one of the parts into which a large organization, group etc is divided divisional headquarters
Examples from the Corpus
divisionalthe divisional championship gameThere will be no surer way of rendering the divisional championship worthless than introducing a tiny club super-league.A Fire Authority divisional officer at Bangor confirmed the majority of firemen from Castlereagh have left the service.Alan Haddock, assistant divisional officer with Cheshire Fire Brigade, said the blaze was an avoidable accident.When major league baseball began divisional play in 1969, there was, after some initial grumbling, little complaint.Influence Dewi Morris is back at scrum-half after missing the middle match of the divisional season.The cuts are equivalent to 9% of the divisional workforce.