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executiveexecutive2 ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  1 DECIDErelating to the job of managing a business or organization and making decisions a commission with executive powersexecutive body/committee etc (=a group of people who have the power to make decisions)2 BBCMANAGERfor the use of people who have important jobs in a company the executive dining-room3 EXPENSIVEexpensive and designed for people who earn a lot of moneyexecutive cars/homes etc executive toys (=objects to play with at work)
Examples from the Corpus
executiveDetermine how skills can be obtained and take executive action either to recruit or to develop existing staff.Howard Patrick, executive administrator of Cannon County, has been determined to turn things around.In the twentieth century, however, presidents had increasingly made use of executive agreements as instruments of foreign policy.an executive committeeWhile productivity, profits, executive pay and the stock market keep going up, workers' incomes keep going down.Robert Altman is one of its executive producers.I conduct executive searches for senior-level management, so I know a fair bit about how these companies are managed.We have too many executive sessions and conferences and retreats.The accounts also provide details of the gains so far on executive share options in the merged company.the executive washroomexecutive powersThe council would assume legislative, judicial and executive powers.Only a Legal Service Commission with executive powers could do the necessary research and co-ordination job.In the past few days Mr Delors has signalled his determination to boost the executive powers held by Brussels.There is also a national advisory body, without executive powers, the Bishops' Committee on Church Music.On Oct. 30 Yeltsin made an appeal for stronger executive powers to implement his economic reforms.The concentration of executive powers was a leading source of criticism heard by the delegation.Elections to district assemblies with executive powers were held in December 1988 and January and February 1989.executive cars/homes etcSix spacious executive homes by Berkeley at Brightwell near Wallingford have also been well received by early visitors to the site.The main reason is that most executive cars in Britain are bought by companies for their managers and directors.The company, best known for its executive homes, is diversifying into mixed-use sites on brownfield land.