news‧pa‧per S2 W2
1 [countable]TCN a set of large folded sheets of printed paper containing news, articles, pictures, advertisements etc which is sold daily or weekly [= paper]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
in the newspaper local/national newspaper daily/weekly/Sunday newspaper newspaper article/report newspaper reporter/editor/columnist newspaper cutting/clipping (=an article that has been cut out of a newspaper)
She had read about it in the newspapers.
I saw an interesting article in the local newspaper.
I always buy a daily newspaper.
a series of newspaper articles about life in Cuba
The case attracted newspaper reporters from all over the world.
He was looking through a pile of old newspaper clippings.
2 [uncountable]TCNDH sheets of paper from old newspapers:
Wrap the plates in newspaper to stop them from breaking.
Bella laid the flowers out carefully on a sheet of newspaper.
3 [countable]BBCTCN a company that produces a newspaper:
He works for a local newspaper.
WORD FOCUS: newspaper WORD FOCUS: newspaper
the press newspapers in general
the media
newspaper, TV, and radio
a newspaper that does not contain much serious news, and mainly has short articles and photographs
British English/quality paper American English a newspaper that mostly contains reports about serious news
/reporter someone whose job is writing articles for newspapers
the title of a newspaper report, written in big letters
a piece of writing about something in a newspaper
an article that appears regularly in a newspaper, in which someone writes about their opinions
a piece of writing in which the newspaper gives its comments on recent events
the front page
(which has the main news stories)
the back page
(which has the less important news, and news about sport)
the sports/television/fashion/arts etc page

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