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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproprietarypro‧pri‧e‧ta‧ry /prəˈpraɪətəri $ -teri/ adjective formal  1 BBT especially British English a proprietary product is one that is sold under a trade name opp generic a proprietary brand of insecticide proprietary software products2 BBCrelating to who owns something They have proprietary rights to the data. He has no proprietary interest in the farm (=he does not own any part of it).3 OWNproprietary behaviour makes it seem that you think you own something or someone
Examples from the Corpus
proprietaryIt includes the Streamware Kernel that enables the networking protocol to be used in proprietary and embedded environments, the firm says.He would never have married her, but he had a proprietary feeling toward her anyway.As such it became almost as famous as the great cataract itself for which the Porter family assumed a proprietary interest.It is now more feasible than ever for organisations to switch from their expensive proprietary machines to lower-cost Unix computers.Most proprietary medications are designed not to kill filter bacteria.Obtainable under the proprietary name Chlordane, the toxin gradually works down into the soil diffusing into the soil atmosphere.Letraset a proprietary name for rub-down or dry transfer lettering used in preparing artwork.The employment protection legislation has created for certain employees a proprietary right in their jobs.proprietary brandBeware of some proprietary brands - most are for preventative use and will have little effect against serious outbreaks of parasites.If you suspect a true external fungus infection treat with proprietary brand of fungus care.proprietary interestAs such it became almost as famous as the great cataract itself for which the Porter family assumed a proprietary interest.It is therefore not such property where there is only in the alleged owners a claim to a proprietary interest.Private nuisance remains fundamentally a remedy for the infringement of a proprietary interest in land.Nothing was said to indicate she had a proprietary interest in the house.She felt a proprietary interest in these two beauties lying there in bed.It must be said that as a matter of civil law the existence of an equitable proprietary interest is doubtful.Presumably the reason why the bank has an equitable proprietary interest is that the law imposes a constructive trust.This is a direct consequence of the fact that a security interest confers some type of proprietary interest on its holder.