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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfluorideflu‧o‧ride /ˈflʊəraɪd $ -ˈflʊr-/ noun [uncountable]  HCCMDa chemical which is believed to help protect teeth against decay
Examples from the Corpus
fluorideThe symptoms produced by fluoride poisoning are similar to those produced by herbicides and pesticides in our food, particularly wheat.If you need extra fluoride protection, your pharmacist can advise you about fluoride tablets and drops.These included: Foodstuffs and beverages rich in fluoride, such as sardines and tea.First, fluoridation will raise the average steady state or plateau level of ionic fluoride in the blood throughout the total population.And an excess of fluoride must have a systemic effect elsewhere in the body.Kleinberg says that fluoride, which is in most drinking water and toothpaste, protects against 30 percent of tooth decay.Aluminium smelters are only one of a score of industries which now pollute the total environment with fluoride emissions and solid wastes.Look for toothpaste with fluoride which will help to make your teeth more resistant to attack.