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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolymerpol‧y‧mer /ˈpɒlɪmə $ ˈpɑːlɪmər/ noun [countable]  HCCa chemical compound that has a simple structure of large molecules
Examples from the Corpus
polymerY., is made of an advanced polymer instead of metal.Researchers are experimenting by augmenting the system with fiber-optic sensors and polymer composites.In this chapter we shall deal with linear or branched polymers and treat the swelling of networks in chapter 14.One will make and analyse new kinds of polymers, ceramics and alloys.Why, even plastic components are coded, enabling the polymers to be broken down, so they can be used again.They do this by coating a metal electrode with the polymer and then varying the voltage applied to the metal.For practical purposes T m is taken to be the melting temperature of the undiluted polymer irrespective of the crystalline content.These grow in size until osmotic and elastic forces balance or, in weak polymers, until fractures occur.