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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsiliconesil‧i‧cone /ˈsɪləkəʊn $ -koʊn/ noun [uncountable]  HCCa chemical that is not changed by heat or cold, does not let water through, and is used in making artificial body parts, paint, and rubber
Examples from the Corpus
siliconesilicone breast implantsSome bags use a silicone treated down to enable them to resist damp.Step 2 Using a silicone gun, apply an even bead of silicone along edges A-B of the base.In places where a seam was not going to show from the street, he used a longer-lasting clear silicone caulk.Katherine Dowson's giant silicone drip work links the exhibition in its site within the 50-foot stairwell.The unique Master Baker non-stick silicone coating ensures a perfect turn-out.Straight silicone caulk does not accept paint, so the normal process with silicone is to caulk when you have completed painting.The next days when the researchers flipped the beaker, the silicone oil began to form fat mounds.Assorted blends of acrylic adhesive caulk fortified with silicone.