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coder com command comms compact disc compatibility compatible(a) compatible(n) compile compiler compress computer computer-aided design computer-aided manufacturing computerate computerize computer-literate computer modelling computer science computer virus computing concordance configuration configure connect connectivity console control control key cookie coordinate corrupt counter courseware CPU crack(v) crack(n) cracker crash(v) crash(n) cursor cut cyber- cybercrime cybernetics cyberpunk cybersickness cyberspace cyberterrorist cyberwidow data data bank database data mining data processing Data Protection Act, the day trading debug decode decompress decrypt default defragment delete deletion deliverable demo denial of service attack deselect desktop desktop computer desktop publishing dialogue box dial-up digicam Dilbert direct access directory disaster recovery disc disinfect disk disk drive diskette display(n) display(v) dock(n) dock(v) document DOS dot-matrix printer double click down download(v) download(n) downloadable downtime downwardly compatible DP drag drive driver drop-down menu DTP dump(v) dump(n) DVD e-book e-commerce editor edutainment e-fatigue E-FIT electronic electronic data interchange electronic funds transfer electronic mail electronic publishing electronics email embed encrypt enter entry e-publishing erase Ernie error Ethernet E-ticket executable execute execution exit expansion card expansion slot expert system export extension extranet eye scan feed(v) feed(n) field file filename filter firewall firmware first generation first-person shooter flash(v) flash(n) flip chip floppy disk fly-by-wire folder font footer footprint forklift upgrade format forum 404 freeware ftp function functionality function key fuzzy logic gameplay gamer gaming Gates, Bill gateway ghost GIF gigabyte global GMS gopher graphical graphical user interface graphics graphics card grid computing GUI hack(v) hack(n) hacker hacktivist handshake hard copy hard disk hard drive hardware hard-wired Hawking, Stephen head header help help desk help screen hexadecimal high-definition high-level highlight home office hook-up hot key hot link hot spot HTML http hyperlink hypertext IBM icon iMac import inbox incremental backup infect infected information retrieval information technology infowar inkjet printer input(n) input(v) install Instinet interactive interface(n) interface(v) interpreter intranet invoke IP address iPod iris scan ISDN ISP IT iterate iTV job joystick JPEG K KB keno key keyboard(n) keyboard(v) keyboarder keypad keystroke keyword kilobyte kit kludge LAN language laptop laser disk laser printer launch LCD light industry light pen line printer link Linux listserv load local area network loop low-level Mac machine machine code machine-readable Macintosh macro magnetic disk magnetic media magnetic tape mail(n) mail(v) mailbomb mailbox mailing list mainframe manual maximize megabyte memory memory bank memory card memory hog Memory Stick menu message metadata micro microchip microcomputer microelectronics microprocessor MIDI migrate migration minicomputer minimize mips MIT mixer model(n) model(v) modelling modem module monitor morphing motherboard mouse mouse mat mouse miles MP3 player MPEG multimedia multi-player gaming multiplexer multitasking NASDAQ NEC nerd nest network(n) network(v) neural computer neural network neuroinformatics newbie new economy Nintendo node noise notebook number crunching object object-oriented OCR offline online on-screen open open system operating system operation optical character recognition optical fibre option order outbox output(n) output(v) P2P package packet packet-switching page palette palm phone palmtop parallel processing password paste pasting patch pause PC PC Card PDA PDF peripheral(a) peripheral(n) personal communicator personal computer personal electronic device personal organizer petaflop phishing ping piracy pirate pixel plasma screen platform platform game plotter plug and play 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spell-checker spider spim split screen spreadsheet spyware standalone standby time starter pack start-up storage store stream streaming string stylus subdirectory suite sunrise industry supercomputer support(v) support(n) synchronous syntax synthespian system system administrator systems analyst system tray tab tab key tag(n) tag(v) tape taskbar techie technical support techno- technocracy techno-geek technophobe telecommuter teleprinter teleworker template terabyte teraflop terminal thumbnail time out time-sharing title bar toggle toner toolbar toolbox Tottenham Court Road touch screen trackball transputer troubleshooter Turing, Alan tutorial undo unzip up update upgrade upload(v) upload(n) uptime USB user-friendly user group user interface user name utility VActor valid VDT VDU VGA videocard video game viral marketing virtual virtually virtual office virtual reality virus voice print wallpaper WAP -ware war game WAV wearable web browser wi-fi wild card window Windows wipe Word 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com‧put‧er S1 W1 [countable]
TD an electronic machine that stores information and uses programs to help you find, organize, or change the information:
A message flashed up on my computer screen.
recent problems with hospital computer systems
on computer
The information is stored on computer.
by computer
Shoppers can send in their orders by computer and pick up their goods later.
computer software/program/application
the latest computer software
computer games (=games that you play on a computer) for children
the use of computer graphics (=pictures and images created by computers) in film
the development of computer technology
a huge global computer network
WORD FOCUS: computer WORD FOCUS: computer
people who work with computers: user, programmer, web designer, IT person, software engineer, (systems) analyst, administrator, webmaster, helpdesk, techie informal, geek disapproving informal

someone who tries to break into a computer system: hacker, cracker

things you do with your computer: start up/power up your computer
a file or document
click on
an icon
cut and paste
pieces of text
files or programs
scroll up and down
the page
things you do not want
files or pictures from the Internet
CDs or DVDs
a file or document
your work
shut down
your computer

computer problems: bug, virus, error, corrupted file/data, crash, worm
computer Internet, email, personal computer, laptop, palmtop, PDA