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add-onˈadd-on noun [countable]  1 something extra that is added to an existing plan, agreement, law etcadd-on to We bought legal protection as an add-on to our home insurance policy.2 a piece of equipment that you connect to a computer to improve its performance an add-on circuit board3 a product that is designed to be used with another product
Examples from the Corpus
add-onAdd-ons such as modems and DVD drives can easily cost you hundreds of dollars.Instructional changes were limited and uneven, and educators largely viewed the program as an add-on.For users, they are still expensive add-on features and come with their own set of integration problems.The present pattern of' add-on development will continue.But in terms of add-on cost the calculation is simple.The Senate's add-ons to the proposed budget are likely to cause controversy.But over the years some had gained screened porches and various add-ons.