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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishartificial intelligenceˌartificial inˈtelligence noun [uncountable]  TD (abbreviation AI) the study of how to make computers do intelligent things that people can do, such as think and make decisions
Examples from the Corpus
artificial intelligenceConstraint-based programming is an artificial intelligence technique which finds the optimum way to allocate means and resources.John Godfrey Saxe Several characteristics of neural network technology set it apart from conventional computing and artificial intelligence approaches.The game play and artificial intelligence are unmatched in sports video gaming.It needs some one who understands its basic talent, some one who will help it to push the envelope of its artificial intelligence.The development of artificial intelligence will be a hallmark of this century.The prospect of artificial intelligence and life online has contributed to a radical shift in interpersonal relations.A lot of people had a lot riding on artificial intelligence.Into this milieu comes now the neural network approach to artificial intelligence, where learning is built into every system.