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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassembly languageasˈsembly ˌlanguage noun [countable, uncountable] technical  a computer language used in programs that are written to work with a specific kind of processor
Examples from the Corpus
assembly languageAn assembly language statement consists of 3 elements; an optional label, an instruction and an operand.Widely used around the world, A86 is the number one comprehensive assembly language programming system.These routines are written in assembly language but called as procedures or functions from Pascal modules.In assembly language, a comment ends at the end of the statement.A new assembly language entails yet another learning curve.In practice, a mix of assembly language and C will be needed.A86 is an extremely high performance assembler as it can compile 1000 lines per second of assembly language code.Generally, if labels have been used, you must make 2 passes through the assembly language code to resolve forward references.