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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishautomatedau‧to‧ma‧ted /ˈɔːtəmeɪtɪd $ ˈɒː-/ AWL adjective  TIFMACHINEusing computers and machines to do a job, rather than peopleautomation a highly automated factory The production process is now fully automated.
Examples from the Corpus
automatedThe department is equipped with full automated analysers, on line to the hospital main frame computer.This process is automated and requires one reel of tape.With automated bibliographic files and online catalogues, browsing has also been applied to searching in computer systems.a highly automated factorySunNet Manager includes a set of applications for automated fault isolation, diagnosis and network monitoring and control.There has been almost no concern expressed, however, about the implications of automated office systems for future research methodologies.Psycholinguists then produce theories of human parsing, and computational linguists produce theories of automated parsing.Circle 140 Roth Scientific introduced two new products for automated, quantitative sample preparation.The diskette service offers staff the possibility of browsing, searching, and running automated searches based on stored personal-interest profiles.fully automatedIt would be undesirable for this process to be fully automated.Other monitoring devices may also be connected and data acquisition is fully automated.The plant runs to pharmaceutical standards and most of the material handling is now fully automated.This is fully automated and costs £10 a quarter.Registration and selection of cattle is on a national basis and there is also a fully automated cattle information system.A group of visitors look at the fully automated packing line in operation.The plant is fully automated with all processes operated by a control computer.