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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbackupback‧up /ˈbækʌp/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable] something that you can use to replace something that does not work or is lost Always have a backup plan. a backup generator2 [countable] a copy of a computer document, program etc, which is made in case the original becomes lost or damaged Make a backup of any work you do on the computer.3 HELP[uncountable] people or things that can be used to provide support and help if they are needed Army units can only operate if they have sufficient backup. a backup team4 [countable] American English someone who will play in a sports team if one of the other players is injured or ill syn reserve a backup goalie
Examples from the Corpus
backupBut he had a backup plan; you had to if you came this far.These allow the user to delete and rename files or make a backup copy.His father and Mr Abrey fill in as relief drivers and backup.A good backup team might help as well!Standard brakes include power, vented front discs and rear drums with anti-lock backup.Several police cars provided backup for the officers.His top backup, Donovan Ricketts, is also out with a pelvic injury.