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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblackberryblack‧ber‧ry /ˈblækbəri $ -beri/ noun (plural blackberries) [countable]  blackberry.jpg DFHBPa small black or purple berry from a bush that has thorns (=sharp points)
Examples from the Corpus
blackberryThe thicket still contained remnants of the raspberry and blackberry patches that always come in right after a clearcut.Their ideas could be expropriated as freely and easily as blackberries from a hedge in summer.Cultivated blackberries are not far removed from their wild parents and do not need much fussy soil preparation.Lot 16, perhaps the best of the series, has intense blackberry flavors with touches of blueberry, coffee and chocolate.This full-bodied, supple red wine offers lovely blackberry and black raspberry fruit and hints of chocolate and herbs.Make sure that all canes of raspberries, blackberries and other fruits are tied in securely to prevent breakage and chafing.This supple shiraz offers ripe blackberry, chocolate and herb flavors with purity and intensity.There used to be such wonderful blackberries!