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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrowsebrowse /braʊz/ ●●○ verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 READ[intransitive] to look through the pages of a book, magazine etc without a particular purpose, just looking at the most interesting partsbrowse through πŸ”Š Jon was browsing through the photographs.2 LOOK AT[intransitive, transitive] to look at the goods in a shop without wanting to buy any particular thingbrowse around πŸ”Š The trip allows you plenty of time for browsing around the shops. πŸ”Š tourists browsing the boutiques and souvenir stalls3 [intransitive, transitive] to search for information on a computer or on the Internet πŸ”Š a feature that allows you to browse your hard drive and choose the graphic you want to display4 EAT[intransitive] if a goat, deer etc browses, it eats plants β€”browse noun [singular] πŸ”Š We had a quick browse around the shops.β†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
browseβ€’ Forms make Web browsing an interactive process for the user and the provider.β€’ Treat yourself to something special, or simply browse at leisure.β€’ I enjoy browsing in bookstores.β€’ Armando spent the afternoon browsing in Camden market.β€’ While San Mateo is a pleasant destination for home shopping and browsing, it also has excellent restaurants and cafes.β€’ Learn to browse, seeking out unfamiliar authors and new books alike.β€’ Browsing the net one afternoon, I came across Tom's homepage.β€’ When you browse the Web, various Web sites can read that file and write data into it.β€’ It's easy to spend hours just browsing the web without really finding anything.β€’ One company said that up to half of their employees spend over an hour's work time a day browsing the web.β€’ We browse through my cookbooks, perusing recipes, not as formulas or prescriptions but as hints and inspirations for impromptu inventions.β€’ He found Jill in the gallery shop silently browsing through some books.β€’ Stella browsed through the newspaper under the lamp outside the stage door.β€’ In the next window, browse to the file's location on your hard drive and select it, then click Next.browse throughβ€’ We browsed through a few travel books to get some ideas of where to go.β€’ I was browsing through a magazine at the station bookstall when I noticed Susan.