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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbundlebun‧dle1 /ˈbʌndl/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 GROUP OF THINGSa group of things such as papers, clothes, or sticks that are fastened or tied togetherbundle of bundles of newspapers a small bundle containing mostly clothingsee thesaurus at group2 a number of things that belong or are dealt with togetherbundle of bundles of data3 computer software, and sometimes other equipment or services that are included with a new computer at no extra cost4 a bundle5 be a bundle of nerves6 be a bundle of laughs/fun7 not go a bundle on something/somebody
Examples from the Corpus
bundleNow we find Quine saying that H is never a single hypothesis but a bundle of them.a bundle of twigsHere and there a darker bundle and a glint of jewelry.She keeps all his old letters, tied up in bundles.He put his hand on his pocket, and pulled out a large bundle of £50 notes.Low branching and twisting then produces bundles of diverging and spreading fibrils which eventually fill out into the characteristic spherical structure.My peeling, sunburnt nose resembles a small bundle of rags.She held the bundle up and finished unwrapping it from its white sheet.When we got there I helped her lift the bundles out, and again she tried to pay me for the ride.The field at these sites is particularly intense, as if the magnetic flux lines have been tied into tight bundles.Louis came from the stables with a blanket-wrapped bundle in his arms.