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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuttonbut‧ton1 /ˈbʌtn/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  1 DCa small round flat object on your shirt, coat etc that you pass through a hole to fasten it small pearl buttons A button was missing from his shirt. She undid (=unfastened) the buttons of her blouse.do up a button British English (=fasten a button)2 TDa small part or area of a machine that you press to make it do something Press the pause button. Click on the icon with the right mouse button. push-button3 a small area on a computer screen, especially on a website, that you click on in order to perform an action4 American EnglishDC a small metal or plastic pin with a message or picture on it syn badge British English presidential campaign buttons5 button nose/eyes6 on the button7 press/push (all) the right buttons8 press/push somebody’s buttons9 at/with the push/touch of a button as bright as a button at bright(8)COLLOCATIONSverbsfasten a buttonSmall children can't fasten their own buttons.do up a button (=fasten it)He quickly did up the buttons on his shirt.unfasten a buttonCan you unfasten this button for me?undo a button (=unfasten it)I can't undo the buttons on the back of this dress.a button is missingTwo of the buttons on the jacket were missing.a button comes off somethingA button has come off my skirt.something has lost a buttonHis favourite shirt had lost a button.sew on a buttonIt doesn't take a minute to sew on a button.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + button the top/bottom buttonHe was wearing a white shirt with the top button undone.a shirt/skirt/coat etc buttonIs this your coat button?
Examples from the Corpus
buttonShe pushed a button, cranking the bed to a more upright position.We had been at computer class for nearly three hours, and we had not yet touched a button on the computer.There are hundreds of black button eyes and a thick nest of yarn for the hair.NoClue: Hey, what does this F4 button do?Press the pause button.Jack tried but it was quite impossible; the button, like the steering wheel, was red hot.To turn off the radio, push the button on the left.Then when you touch the button, what's inside you comes out.Silver foliage, yellow button flowers and a smell of chicken tikka.undid ... buttonsHe put his head on my shoulder and undid the buttons of my blouse.He pushed her backwards and covered her body with his own, as he gradually undid the buttons of her dress.Turning he undid the buttons of her coat and ran his hands inside and around her waist.He undid his buttons, and peeled off his shirt.He undid the buttons of his shirt and shrugged it from his shoulders, letting it fall unheeded to the floor.He undid the top buttons of his shirt and pulled the shirt apart.mouse buttonBut debates about mouse buttons are impassioned and urgent.Double-click - A mouse procedure where the left-hand mouse button is pressed twice in quick succession.Object properties, once set, can be redefined simply by re-clicking the right mouse button.Pointing at the object and pressing the right mouse button displays each object's properties.Use your trusty right mouse button to click on it, which will bring up a properties sheet.The right-side mouse button is one such key to using Windows 95.Then there was the mouse button war.Mass Downloader is particularly nice, as it integrates into your mouse button menu.