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capturecapture2 noun [uncountable]  1 CATCHwhen you catch someone in order to make them a prisoner The two soldiers somehow managed to avoid capture.2 PMCONTROLwhen soldiers get control of a place that previously belonged to an enemycapture of the capture of Jerusalem in 10993 when you get control of something that previously belonged to one of your competitors4 when you put information into a form a computer can use
Examples from the Corpus
captureRendezvous and capture were expected early Thursday.Any disciplinary action taken for failing to follow procedure would be eclipsed by the success of his capture.They are offering a reward for information leading to his capture.Particularly significant was his capture of the Republican vote by 69 %-26 % over McCain.The government's capture of Toro airstrip near Tabanya has put the displaced almost beyond the reach of help.The government has offered $500,000 for information leading to Sanchez' capture.Both met defeat and one suffered capture, thus becoming, in a very real sense, a national liability.Yet the significance for the ancient Israelites of the capture of the ark went beyond the scope of such attachments.