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cheatcheat2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 CHEATsomeone who is dishonest and cheats His addiction has turned him into a cheat and a liar.2 a cheat3 a set of instructions given to a computer that make it easier for someone who is playing a computer game to win
Examples from the Corpus
cheatI'll never play cards with you again, you cheater!And he said there was now further evidence to discredit a principal witness in the case as a liar and a cheat.Don't pretend you can't afford to pay me that money back -- you're nothing but a cheat and a liar!Priestley's warning was that it was essentially a cheat.He presented himself as a liar, a cheat.In other words, shortcut and cheat books.My grandmother thinks all car salesmen are cheats.Their teacher suspected them of cheating when they both missed the same question on the test.The disk also contains secret cheat codes to provide additional ammunition and level skip features.The law is aimed at catching tax cheats.This is what the cheat sheet said: 1.