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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclickclick1 /klΙͺk/ ●●● S3 verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [intransitive, transitive]SOUND to make a short hard sound, or make something produce this sound πŸ”Š The door clicked shut behind me. πŸ”Š Mother clicked her tongue (=made a short sound to show disapproval) and sighed. πŸ”Š Edmund clicked his fingers (=made a short sound to get someone’s attention) for John to follow him. πŸ”Š Vogel clicked his heels (=hit the heels of his shoes together) and bowed. πŸ”Š Twist the lever and the gears click into place.2 click.jpg [intransitive, transitive] to press a button on a computer mouse to choose something from the screen that you want the computer to do, or to press a button on a remote control πŸ”Š Choose the image you want by clicking twice.click on πŸ”Š Children can click on a sentence to hear it read aloud.3 [intransitive] informalUNDERSTAND to suddenly understand or realize something πŸ”Š It’s hard work, but one day it will just click. πŸ”Š I thought, β€˜What is he doing?’ and then suddenly it all clicked into place (=I understood how all the events related to each other).4 [intransitive] informalLIKE somebody OR something if two people click, they like, understand, and agree with each other πŸ”Š They clicked straight away.5 [intransitive] informal to happen in a good or successful way, especially because people are working together well πŸ”Š If everything clicks, we should have a good season.COLLOCATIONSclick + NOUNclick your fingers (=make a short sound with your fingers to get someone's attention)She clicks her fingers and he comes running.click your tongue (=make a short sound with your tongue to show disapproval)She clicked her tongue in annoyance.click your heels (=hit the heels of your shoes together, as a soldier does)He clicked his heels and saluted.phrasesclick into place/positionMake sure the lid clicks firmly into place.click open/shut (=open with a short hard sound)I heard the gate at the front of the house click open.β†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
clickβ€’ Both men smiled as the cameras clicked.β€’ Sort of Twin Peaks meets Gertrude Stein, and somehow everything clicks.β€’ I had a lot of trouble with algebra, but the teacher was patient and one day it just clicked.β€’ Just keep working at it, and suddenly it will all click.β€’ We just clicked, and we've been friends ever since.β€’ Everything clicked for the team all season long.β€’ We just clicked from the moment we started working together.β€’ He clicked his tongue, the cob plodded resolutely forward and so did I. And it was easy!β€’ I stuck it out the window, pointed it at the garage, and clicked it.β€’ To schedule an event, click on one of the icons and drag it to the schedule.β€’ When you click on the link, Netscape or Internet Explorer will open a newsreader in a separate window.β€’ She was a wind-up putting-away doll, clicking through its programmed movements.β€’ So you click to the next channel.β€’ I never really clicked with my boss, and it made work a little more difficult.clicked shutβ€’ She was snapped out of her reverie as the door clicked shut and the secretary left them alone again.β€’ As the door clicked shut, Chucha opened one eye, then closed it.β€’ I'd allowed the door to swing to behind me and just as it clicked shut, some one knocked.β€’ It clicked shut with an expensive, slightly sinister sound.click onβ€’ Children can click on a sentence to hear it read aloud.β€’ Click on 'next' when you have finished filling out the form.it ... clickβ€’ It clicked and died on her.β€’ He opened it with a click, holding it in his left hand.β€’ Open it, right click inside the directory listing and choose New, Shortcut.β€’ Several times he beard it click into gear and deliver its robotic message; the caller hung up.β€’ But once all the children had a more settled routine at night, it clicked into place.β€’ In the next window, browse to the file's location on your hard drive and select it, then click Next.β€’ Clicking on a directory will open it, clicking on a file or dragging and dropping it should start the download.β€’ One nice touch lets you italicize and embolden text simply by highlighting it and clicking on one of the toolbox icons.