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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclickclick1 /klɪk/ ●●● S3 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]SOUND to make a short hard sound, or make something produce this sound The door clicked shut behind me. Mother clicked her tongue (=made a short sound to show disapproval) and sighed. Edmund clicked his fingers (=made a short sound to get someone’s attention) for John to follow him. Vogel clicked his heels (=hit the heels of his shoes together) and bowed. Twist the lever and the gears click into place.2 click.jpg [intransitive, transitive] to press a button on a computer mouse to choose something from the screen that you want the computer to do, or to press a button on a remote control Choose the image you want by clicking twice.click on Children can click on a sentence to hear it read aloud.3 [intransitive] informalUNDERSTAND to suddenly understand or realize something It’s hard work, but one day it will just click. I thought, ‘What is he doing?’ and then suddenly it all clicked into place (=I understood how all the events related to each other).4 [intransitive] informalLIKE somebody OR something if two people click, they like, understand, and agree with each other They clicked straight away.5 [intransitive] informal to happen in a good or successful way, especially because people are working together well If everything clicks, we should have a good season.COLLOCATIONSclick + NOUNclick your fingers (=make a short sound with your fingers to get someone's attention)She clicks her fingers and he comes running.click your tongue (=make a short sound with your tongue to show disapproval)She clicked her tongue in annoyance.click your heels (=hit the heels of your shoes together, as a soldier does)He clicked his heels and saluted.phrasesclick into place/positionMake sure the lid clicks firmly into place.click open/shut (=open with a short hard sound)I heard the gate at the front of the house click open.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
clickBoth men smiled as the cameras clicked.Sort of Twin Peaks meets Gertrude Stein, and somehow everything clicks.I had a lot of trouble with algebra, but the teacher was patient and one day it just clicked.Just keep working at it, and suddenly it will all click.We just clicked, and we've been friends ever since.Everything clicked for the team all season long.We just clicked from the moment we started working together.He clicked his tongue, the cob plodded resolutely forward and so did I. And it was easy!I stuck it out the window, pointed it at the garage, and clicked it.To schedule an event, click on one of the icons and drag it to the schedule.When you click on the link, Netscape or Internet Explorer will open a newsreader in a separate window.She was a wind-up putting-away doll, clicking through its programmed movements.So you click to the next channel.I never really clicked with my boss, and it made work a little more difficult.clicked shutShe was snapped out of her reverie as the door clicked shut and the secretary left them alone again.As the door clicked shut, Chucha opened one eye, then closed it.I'd allowed the door to swing to behind me and just as it clicked shut, some one knocked.It clicked shut with an expensive, slightly sinister sound.click onChildren can click on a sentence to hear it read aloud.Click on 'next' when you have finished filling out the form.it ... clickIt clicked and died on her.He opened it with a click, holding it in his left hand.Open it, right click inside the directory listing and choose New, Shortcut.Several times he beard it click into gear and deliver its robotic message; the caller hung up.But once all the children had a more settled routine at night, it clicked into place.In the next window, browse to the file's location on your hard drive and select it, then click Next.Clicking on a directory will open it, clicking on a file or dragging and dropping it should start the download.One nice touch lets you italicize and embolden text simply by highlighting it and clicking on one of the toolbox icons.