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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclusterclus‧ter1 /ˈklʌstə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 GROUP OF THINGSa group of things of the same kind that are very close togethercluster of a cluster of low farm buildings a cluster of red berries a diamond cluster ringsee thesaurus at group2 GROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people all in the same placecluster of A cluster of children stood around the ice cream van.3 technical a group of sectors on one or more computer disks
Examples from the Corpus
clusterSome relatives were standing in a cluster around her hospital bed.Each zone typically includes a cluster of two or three secondary schools with their supporting primaries and special educational needs provision.A cluster of people, all anxious to shake his hand, formed around the speaker.This will enable distributed computing over heterogeneous platforms, from workstations and clusters to large-scale, high-performance systems.All this time, the other cell clusters remained tiny and inactive.To overcome these problems, small schools in some rural areas have formed cooperative clusters whereby teachers provide curriculum support for each other.It's an attractive shrub with dark shiny leaves, that has clusters of white flowers in early June.Most galaxies are found in clusters rather than in isolation.The work crews and engineers stand in clusters, their yellow reflective safety jackets glowing eerily amid the dusky floodlighting.Each community organized employers by industry clusters.The adult female lays large clusters of eggs.From the airplane we could already see little clusters of houses.cluster ofA cluster of children stood around the ice cream van.a cluster of grapesa cluster of office buildings