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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompatibilitycom‧pat‧i‧bil‧ity /kəmˌpætəˈbɪləti/ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 TD technical the ability of one piece of computer equipment to be used with another one, especially when they are made by different companies opp incompatibilitycompatibility with the system’s compatibility with Windows software2 SUITABLETOGETHERthe ability to exist or be used together without causing problems opp incompatibility compatibility of flavours3 the ability to have a good relationship with someone because you have similar interests, ideas etc opp incompatibility sexual compatibility
Examples from the Corpus
compatibilityRecipes will be judged on originality and compatibility with the wine by a panel of chefs and Bay Area food mavens.This will improve data compatibility with other institutions.The great strength of 123 For Windows is its compatibility with all the earlier versions of the product.When horses are put together in paddocks, they need to be carefully chosen for their mutual compatibility.As a result, Quorum will continue to develop and market its cross-platform compatibility products without threat of further legal action.The compatibility between poetry and writing from the heart is not automatic but at best conventional.