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consolecon‧sole2 /ˈkɒnsəʊl $ ˈkɑːnsoʊl/ noun [countable]  1 TDTEa flat board that contains the controls for a machine, piece of electrical equipment, computer etc2 TCTDa special cupboard for a television, computer etc
Examples from the Corpus
consoleOur tester had a center console with deep storage, a dual cupholder and a clipboard holder.Of course, when he got home he found they wouldn't fit into his console!Atari will continue to sell Jaguar consoles and games that run on it at least until current inventories are exhausted.a Nintendo consoleOn August 14 the green button on my phone console lit up for the first time in an ice age.They had the latches closed, the headsets on and plugged in at the console.The rear end of the console can be detached in order to transform the two individual rear seats into a bench accommodating three.Research shows that 73 percent of the console players are boys, so most of the new games are heavy on fighting.They only transcribe into knitting instructions when entered, calculated and displayed on the console of your machine.