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corruptcorrupt2 ●○○ verb [transitive] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSto encourage someone to start behaving in an immoral or dishonest way πŸ”Š Young prisoners are being corrupted by the older, long-term offenders.2 CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENTto change the traditional form of something, such as a language, so that it becomes worse than it was πŸ”Š The culture has been corrupted by Western influences.3 TDto change the information in a computer, so that the computer does not work properly anymore πŸ”Š a virus which corrupts the data on your hard drive β€”corruptible adjective β€”corruptibility /kΙ™ΛŒrʌptΙ™ΛˆbΙͺlΙ™ti/ noun [uncountable]β†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
corruptβ€’ Had a program run on start-up been corrupted?β€’ How you corrupted a young and lovely woman ... and subjected her to the most shatteringly depraved treatment.β€’ Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.β€’ Some of the files were corrupted and will have to be rewritten.β€’ Was Caringolat aware how the precise and fastidious sequences of the Vibrancy were being corrupted beyond Por Tanssie?β€’ Slowly their friendship was corrupted by competition.β€’ The prison system does not work because many of the younger offenders are being corrupted by older, long term prisoners.β€’ So Englishness is corrupted from the beginning.β€’ Further, the higher the profits, the easier it is to corrupt government agents.β€’ the corrupting influence of drugsβ€’ Power and money corrupt, sure.β€’ Some make a protein, but others are so corrupted that they can no longer do anything.β€’ Excessive campaign spending is corrupting the American political system.β€’ The Senate will form a committee to determine if violence on television is corrupting young people.