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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountercoun‧ter1 /ˈkaʊntə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 SHOPDHFthe place where you pay or are served in a shop, bank, restaurant etc He wondered if the girl behind the counter recognised him.2 DHF American English a long flat surface on top of a piece of furniture, especially in a kitchen syn worktop British English3 over the counter4 under the counter5 GAMEDGBa small object that you use in some games that are played on a board6 EQUIPMENTTCOUNT/CALCULATEa piece of electrical equipment that counts something Set the video counter to zero before you press play. Geiger counter7 a computer program that counts the number of people who have visited a website8 ACTION AGAINST somethingPREVENTan action that tries to prevent something bad from happening, or an argument that is used to prove that something is wrongcounter to The road blocks were a counter to terrorist attacks in that area.
Examples from the Corpus
counterThe proprietor, Mr John Allan, sat at a counter carefully turning the brittle pages of what seemed an ancient book.a counter-top applianceAfter bids and counter bids the Secretary of State referred the Guinness proposal to the Commission for inquiry and report.the blue counterShe was sounding unexpectedly urgent as they approached the empty checkout counter.The local supermarket has a good deli counter.I looked at her across the counter and tried to detect some glimmer of unexplained Highland intuition.The cashier stood waiting behind the counter.Careful, you're going to spill it all over the counter.There's pots to wash and a broom under the counter.The girl had left the weighing counter.