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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrackercrack‧er /ˈkrækə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 DFa hard dry type of bread in small flat shapes, that is often eaten with cheese2 (also Christmas cracker)DL a decorated paper tube that makes a small exploding sound when you pull it apart. Crackers contain a small gift, a paper hat, and a joke, and are used at Christmas in Britain.3 DLa firecracker4 GOOD/EXCELLENTFUNNY British English spoken something that is very good or funny That was a cracker of a goal.5 someone who illegally breaks into a computer system in order to steal information or stop the system from working properly syn hacker computer crackers6 WOMAN British English old-fashioned informal a very attractive woman
Examples from the Corpus
crackerYou had 5 crackers and you ate 2.The next home game against Bolton was a cracker.A cracker can also eavesdrop using wiretapping, radio, or auxiliary ports on computers, which are used by network programs.Others had responsibility for passing the cheese and crackers, or for clearing away the used glasses.cheese and crackersThe shepherd's pie was followed by waiters carrying plates of nibbles; nuts, crisps, salted crackers and more champagne.