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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcyberspacecy‧ber‧space /ˈsaɪbəspeɪs $ -bər-/ noun [uncountable]  TDall the connections between computers in different places, considered as a real place where information, messages, pictures etc exist Students are discovering the endless amount of information in cyberspace.
Examples from the Corpus
cyberspaceAll this points to a sea change in the world of computers and cyberspace.Computers can construct and manipulate areas and objects in cyberspace, too, but they do so mostly under human guidance.ESPN's sports website is one of the most visited sites in cyberspace.Men see this as exercising their right to free speech, upholding a tradition in cyberspace forged by the early hacker community.In cyberspace, this will happen to a greater extent.Something similar may happen soon in the new frontier of cyberspace.A hostile nation has attacked with the silent and invisible weapons of cyberspace.But the CompuServe fiasco does underline two lessons about the emerging world of cyberspace.Exponentially reproducing pornographic images are populating cyberspace.