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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdata processingˌdata ˈprocessing noun [uncountable]  TDthe use of computers to store and organize information, especially in business
Examples from the Corpus
data processingBut, it has given no indication of whether it intends to acquire or dispose of any data processing activities.In conventional data processing, on the other hand, files are seen as a department or single application resource.Ironically, the advent of de-centralised processing has made the work of the corporate data processing department harder.They were large, costly, rather unreliable and required a dedicated data processing team to support them.The algorithms required for most data processing are relatively simple.There's a lot of data processing going on.Developments in stand-alone integrated systems made it possible to streamline the library's data processing operations.This service is largely used for the development and operation of highly flexible management information systems rather than standard data processing work.