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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdatabaseda‧ta‧base /ˈdeɪtəˌbeɪs/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable]  TDTDa large amount of data stored in a computer system so that you can find and use it easily customer details held on a databasedatabase system/software/application etc
Examples from the Corpus
databaseThe company has a database of over 23,000 hotels that allow pets.The library has a database of over 21 million book titles.Knowledge of the curriculum is important in the indexing of a database.We maintain a computerised database of potential acquirers against which we screen all opportunities that come to our attention.Verio's hosted Oracle databases are provided to their customers on a stable of shared and dedicated servers.Relational databases do not have this problem.We can check the database to see whether the book is in stock.If the database contains pre-existing original works normal rules apply.One of the advantages of the database approach is that it permits the sharing of data.Whereas traditional databases have some structure to them, a hypertext database has no regular structure.Three fields were chosen last season, each with an established yield database.database system/software/application etcThese templates model mainly questions and commands relating to a database system.Word processing, spreadsheet and database applications in development.Oracle Corp will announce version 7.0 of its database system on Monday June 15.This will contribute to the design of a new database system for the Society from 1994/5.If these languages conformed to one type of object database system then persistent objects could be shared between applications.The company, a maker of database software, said its customers were cancelling orders in fear of recession.That same database system can be used for other things, such as contact managers or inventory control.It isn't as though database applications aren't suited to the Windows environment.