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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdefaultde‧fault1 /dɪˈfɔːlt $ -ˈfɒːlt/ ●○○ noun  1 by default2 [countable, uncountable] formalNOT DO something failure to pay money that you owe at the right timein default The company is in default on its loan agreement.default in The bank can seize the asset in the event of a default in payment. the risk of default by borrowers3 [uncountable] lawNOT DO something failure to do something that you are supposed to do according to the law or because it is your duty4 [countable usually singular]TD technical the way in which things are arranged on a computer screen unless you decide to change them You can change the default settings to suit your needs.5 [singular] the usual and expected way in which something is done, unless you decide to do something different This way of working seems to be the default these days.6 in default of something
Examples from the Corpus
defaultThe state government will pay off the mortgage in the event of a default.These attributes include maturity, currency of denomination, place of repayment, and default sensitivity.The Allies, however, had no intention of letting the armistice arrangements slide by default into a full-blown peace.Pichnarczyk noted most computers' default configurations are set to prevent the automatic execution of an attached file when delivered via e-mail.These codes are built into the system and control default fonts, typefaces, sizes and column measures.Option 2, Set Initial settings, affects all of the document creation and editing default settings.The government could then instruct all banks not to push companies into default and not to dispose of any collateral.Loans are often refused to poorer borrowers because the risk of default is greater.Agency is irrelevant unless there has been some default on the part of the agent which can be attributed to the principal.Type the first paragraph using the default paragraph format. 3.in defaultThe loan is in default.default settingsOption 2, Set Initial settings, affects all of the document creation and editing default settings.This chapter describes how to change the default settings to suit your own needs.The commands a modem understands vary slightly among brands, as do the default settings.In the example given below for each entry, the default settings are used when a parameter is omitted.Leave those in the default settings and go back when you understand the questions and know your demands.Using the default settings, a new page starts after every 54 lines.the default settings for my printerTask 14 Objective To reformat paragraphs Paragraph reformatting ... This means changing the appearance and/or position of paragraphs from their default settings.You can do direct colour photo-copying using this set-up and the scanner will give one button scans using default settings.