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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeletede‧lete /dɪˈliːt/ ●●○ verb [transitive]  REMOVEto remove something that has been written down or stored in a computer His name was deleted from the list. I deleted the file by mistake.see thesaurus at removeTHESAURUSdelete to remove something that has been written down or stored in a computerI think you should delete the second paragraph.You can delete any files that are no longer required.cut to remove a section from a piece of writing or a filmYou’ll have to cut some of your essay if it’s over 1,500 words.A couple of scenes had to be cut because they were too violent.cross something out to draw a line through a word to show that it was a mistake or that you want to change what you have writtenIf you make a mistake in the exam, just cross it out.I’ve crossed out the names of people who can’t come.rub something out British English, erase American English to remove writing or pictures from paper with a rubber, or from a board with a clothUse a pencil so you can rub out your mistakes.I had to rub the whole thing out and start again.erase to remove sounds or pictures that have been recorded on a machineYou can erase the tape or record over it.Somehow all my photographs had been erased. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
deleteWe can only hope Gilstrap won't push to have any of that text deleted.Delete any files that end in ".tmp".The computer automatically deletes any files you have not saved.But Freenet and Gnutella can not patrol the contents of their networks and delete copyrighted material.Can you relate this use of questions to the fact that you is deleted from abbreviated questions?Matt's name was deleted from the list.That means they have to delete something else to install the new software.I deleted that whole file by mistake.You can keep parts or the entire original message, including the subject-or delete the lot.I think you should delete the second paragraph.Colin gave the wrong advice about getting floppy disc out when jammed and then I deleted the stuff off the hard disc.You will first enter a new document, then learn how to delete unwanted characters and insert new ones.So long as it hasn't been deleted, you should even be able to recall it on line.