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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeletionde‧le‧tion /dɪˈliːʃən/ noun  1 [uncountable]REMOVE when you remove something from a piece of writing or from a computer’s memorydeletion of the deletion of unwanted files2 [countable]ALTCN a letter or word that has been removed from a piece of writing
Examples from the Corpus
deletionAdditions and deletions can be made which always leave the tree balanced.Loss of tumour suppressor function requires inactivation of both alleles, usually by chromosomal deletion or point mutation, or both.Domain deletion and substitution mutants of t-PA are not superior thrombolytic agents.The negative aspect of providing this flexibility is the added complexity, in particular to support insertions, deletions and updates.Additions or deletions can change this situation.One dialect reflects the reduction process by contraction alone, the other dialect by contraction or deletion.Keep pressing 2 to cycle between the three previous deletions.In order to satisfy Rule 4, it may be necessary for modules to be brought online to be hard copied prior to deletion.