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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdesktop publishingˌdesktop ˈpublishing noun [uncountable]   (abbreviation DTP) the work of arranging the writing and pictures for a magazine, small book etc, using a computer and special software
Examples from the Corpus
desktop publishingIt is often the case that the quality of the documents produced by some one adopting desktop publishing goes down rather than up.The development of colour desktop publishing is a classic example of this in action.At last it is becoming possible to include production quality scanned images in desktop publishing.Next up the quality ladder is desktop publishing of which much has been written over the past two years.It is generally sensible to limit the additional capabilities that the new desktop publishing product will give you to the bare minimum.Because of the very nature of desktop publishing this should come as no surprise.Within those five years desktop publishing has, or so it seems, become an integrated part of the electronic office.