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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdirectorydi‧rec‧to‧ry /daɪˈrektəri, də-/ ●●○ S3 noun (plural directories) [countable]  1 TCNa book or list of names, facts etc, usually arranged in alphabetical order I couldn’t find your number in the telephone directory. a new business directory2 a place in a computer where files or programs are organized
Examples from the Corpus
directorya directory of city toursThe Explorer view is one of two ways in which you can look at directories and files via the My Computer icon.If the program is not in the current directory, its full device, path and file name must be specified.She added that all rooms contained details about the charges in an information directory.In a perfect world, there would be a single universal e-mail directory.Sam's number should be listed in the telephone directory.His name was the first to come to her mind and his telephone number was in the directory.If specified, the directory must exist and the user must have at least read and write access to it.